Louise Champagne     Painter
Born in 1958 in St-Honoré de Shenley in Beauce, Louise is a member of an artistic and musician family. She started as a self-taught artist then followed fine art courses in oil with Hughes Voyer and Hans Peter Beer, in acrylics with Alain Fortin, Lise Marsan; in pastel with Michel Bélanger and finally in watercolors with Sophie Paquet, Chantal Angers, Olivier Toupin, and Diane Boilard.  From 1993-1997, she improved her knowledge as she took a fine art certificate at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières under the direction of Lucienne Cornet, Richard Normandin, Jean Letarte and more. She is still attending different workshops here and there.

Art Shows

Painting for almost 30 years, Louise has participated in many art shows and a number of her watercolors have been acquired by private collectors. Some of her paintings can be found in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, the United States and France. Since 1990, Louise has been invited to different art shows where she exhibits her works and paints on site. On the international level her painting « Méditation sur l’avenir » won the second prize on the World of Watercolor Online Artists 2001 website.  Louise was also selected by a jury to exhibit her work in Lisieux (France) in July 2004.

Professional Activities

She has also been active on the professional level with the Centre d’Art, the Musée Marius Barbeau, and is also cited in the Guide de Roussan and on the “symposium de peinture” website as well as in the Plumes et Pinceaux agenda 2015.

Louise is still searching for new ideas.  Color and creative expression are important to her. She enjoys exploring different media. Sometimes she enjoys painting peaceful and quiet scenes or florals in watercolors while some other times her  acrylics explode on paper and canvas with vibrant colours. Her latest works of art tend to be more expressive. These days she is working in watercolour on a series on Koi fish called: ‘Les Gracieuses’. Her corpus is also opening a new chapter in creating a  series in acrylics on `Red Heads’ as well as one on abstracts.