Artistic approach
Discovery and achievement are two words that define my artistic approach. Since I was young, I have never hesitated to dive into new projects. This can be especially challenging as I need to take the experiences that life offers me to discover, to think outside of the box, keeping in mind that I should always progress in my painting approach.  I consider important to express my emotions and feelings in my work. I want the viewers to feel the environment that I paint. My work may seem somewhat disparate for some, given the many themes as well as the variety of techniques I use but the color choice, the brush stroke, and the soul of the artist remain.
Using watercolor for me is like dancing the tango. There is of course the painter who handles her brushes and pigments, but its second partner, just as important, is water. Therefore, the artist must be compliant and be guided by this second partner.

In fact, painting in watercolor means to accept the idea that you can’t control everything, as this happens in real life! And what about acrylics, this stable, water soluble, opaque, consistent, saturated and bright medium. My heart always balances between these two mediums.
In recent years, I have been looking for more light and contrast in my work. I like to paint the energy or the serenity found in the treasures of nature and its inhabitants.
I hope you enjoy this trip inside my soul!

Upcoming events 2022

January 20 to February 28
Solo exhibition: Vivement Nature
Bibliothèque de Beauceville

March 19 to June 12
Solo exhibition: Révélation
Moulin La Lorraine Lac-Etchemin

July 2 and 3
Cap-Santé : Riche en couleurs

July 9 and 10
Symposium Lyst'Art

October 17 and 18
Symposium Régional des Arts
Scott Jonction
Louise Champagne